Background Bakery

Bread row

Every daybreak, mesmerizing fragrance of various type bread baked on the spot of the Georgian wheat and rye species (Tetri Doli, Shavpkha, Lomtagora , Dedas Puri (Mother’s bread)and Meskhetian bread will spread across the city from the Bread Row.

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Background Shop

Butcher’s Row

In the Butcher’s Row, you’ll see the meat products in the league of their own: the Rachian ham and rolled bacon, Kupati (a sausage) stuffed with steeped cottage cheese, mixed kupati with caramelized onion, Abkhazura, beef and pork “apokhti”(a kind of ham). The list goes on and on and so do the tastes.

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Background Butchery

Grocer’s Row

Visit the Grocer’s Row for the final touches to your feasting table. There you can pick up pickles, Kakhetian oil, Georgian sauces: beetroot tkemali with baked pepper, green / beetroot / blackberry / raspberry / blueberry tkemali with almonds, Adjika: green adjika with basil and hazelnuts/, Imeretian adjika, smoked pepper with walnuts and baked tomatoes, pumpkin adjika with almonds/; all these are inseparable parts of the unique Georgian cuisine that we are so proud of.

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Background Cheese

Cheese row

Some of the still unknown kinds of cheese: Homemade Sulguni, Smoked sulguni, Imeretian Cheese, Skibu, Kazla cheese, Guda, Tenili, Dambalkhacho, Tsalka and Kalti cheese brought from across Georgia will gather in the Cheese Row. For instance, milky Sulguni made by the deft hands of a skillful cheesemaker right in the tavern will show the guests what a genuine cheese is like.

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Background Wine

Wine row

In the Wine Row, the Georgian home-made and regional wines and Chacha, the traditional Georgian brandy/vodka will become all the guests’ bosom friends and turn your pastime into an unforgettable experience.

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